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SecMan - Security Risk Management Processes for Road Infrastructures

Road infrastructure security risk management for European road networkEuropean UnionEuropean Commission


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The project is focused on a preparation of a security-risk-management guideline (manual) for the protection of critical infrastructures on European highways. The target groups of the manual are the administrative authorities in the respective Member States as well as the owners and operators of road infrastructures, the security officers and interested researchers and policy makers.

The manual allows identification, quantification and assessment of the security risks for infrastructure operability and determination of relevant protection measures. The basis of the approach is risk management for the protection of the infrastructures against man-made intentional threats (terrorism) with threat prevention and consequences reduction.

The project is made in the consortium of companies: ILF- Consulting Engineers (Austria), BASt - Federal Highway Research Institute (Germany), DARS - Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia and Elea iC (Slovenia).

Elea iC developed the measures selection process as well as definition and description of the measures to reduce the assessed threats. Measures selection processes can be applied to a great number of objects or networks (sections) with the same procedure and definitions. On the other side method is opened and allows user to add, remove and change measures easily according to user’s specific needs.

After the project completion, we have gained some feedback from the users (mainly German infrastructure operators) and the results were well also from the users’ point of view.

Manual and software are available at: