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Second railway track Divača - Koper

Tunnels with supporting facilitiesDivača - Koper, Slovenia1.300.000.000,00 €2010 -building permit design,

architectural and construction designMinistry of Transport, Agency for the Management of Public Railway Infrastructure Investment


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portal-koper_1.jpgDrugi tir-trasaPortal 3

Between Divača and city-port of Koper a construction of new railway line is planned. The total route length is approx. 28 km of which, 20 km in a total of 8 tunnels. The connection is part of an intermodal rail corridor within the Ionian / Adriatic Sea and part of a pan-european network (TEN).

A single track rail will be constructed in the first phase, which would exonerate the existing single-track line. In the distant future it will be possible to construct a double track. Construction of a new line Divača-Koper will be divided into the following sections: § Section A: Divača - Črni Kal, 15,061 km long section, then section § B: Črni Kal-Koper, 12,135 km long. Currently there are being carried out geological and geomechanical research and design of section B. Elea iC covers the research of the tunnels T4 and T6 as well as building permit design of architecture and construction for tunnels T4, T6 and T7 including three output tubes, six ppwer plants, arrangements of portals and portal sites and two water reservoirs.